Virtual Reality Technology is becoming the necessity in society, particularly business owners who wish to maximise their products and services. A lot of businessmen consider virtual reality enterprise to provide benefits their marketing activities regarding sales and turnover increases.

Many businessmen believe virtual reality firms are able to add consumer interests towards offered products and services. Furthermore, virtual reality is able to serve as a communication media for facilitating the necessities between customers and business owners, as well as driving competitive advantages.

Pleasant digital experiences in product knowledge are one of the opportunities that open for optimization with the uses of VR and AR technologies.

On the other hand, digital experience emphasizes on the interactions between consumers and companies through various digital communication channels that serve as the meeting point with a brand. This, of course, serves as the opportunity for companies to input VR and AR technologies in their brand marketing personal strategies compared to the mass media.

Big Business Potentials with Virtual Reality

Business benefits with the help of Virtual Reality was once proposed by Price Waterhouse Coopers (PWC). PWC is the world’s largest professional provider that offers audit and attestation services, tax services, planning and compliance towards tax regulation, consultancy, including performance stabilization, enterprise transaction and merge as well as acquisition, and crisis management across diverse specialization areas, such as accounting consultancy and actuarial.

The Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality technologies have potentials to boost global economy up to £1.4 trillion. The potentials will emerge from new consumers, accelerated product development and work safety standard improvement, and others.

Furthermore, the potential of the virtual reality technology usage for multiple industries will drastically rise to US$1.5 trillion in 2030 from US$46.4 billion in 2019. The fact has proven the large potentials of the VR and the AR technologies for enhancing the global and the national economic contributions.

More industry players are experiencing the benefits of the virtual reality technology. Business owners believe the VR technology enables more efficient business processes, better training target achievements, and more secure.  Take an example of the mining industry. Business owners utilize the VR technology for conducting trainings to minimize possible work accidents and the risks that may harm company’s most valuable asset: workers.

It is thus sufficient to say that the VR technology will improve productivity and Gross Domestic Product (GDP) at the national scale. The advantages have been proven by countries, such as China and Japan, each of which recorded GDP rises 2% and 2.09% respectively. Indonesia is open for improving its economy by making use of the VR and the AR technologies.

Below are the samples of the VR and the AR technology uses:

  1. Health
  2. Education
  3. Military
  4. Property
  5. Automotive
  6. Transportation
  7. Entertainment: Game, Film
  8. Tourism
  9. Agriculture
  10. Mining
  11. Food & Beverages
  12. Hospitality
  13. Consulting
  14. Etc.

The above opportunities should stimulate organizations and governmental institutions to start adopting the VR and the AR technologies across many sectors. One of the reasons is fulfilling the high demands from millennial generation who is seeking more advanced digital experiences. Moreover, some literatures have promoted the VR and the AR technologies as positive image stimulators. The tools will embed the corporate users with technology adaptive attribute.

The Synergy of Virtual Reality Usage with Marketing Communication

From the marketing communication side, corporate marketing activities must integrate all communication channels, including applying virtual reality technology while informing news to the customers. This rises an implication that not all companies are able to deliver the messages well for all of its customers despite using latest technology-based communication channels. Therefore, it requires deeper research to study desired targets in product marketing via the VR technology. A good communication management must be able to answer various issues at the fields thereby create effective, strong, and proper strategies that will materialize company plans.

A SWOT analysis indeed has revealed a low public acceptance towards the VR and AR technologies. However, the VR technology has a big potential to assist marketing communication activities in the future because it provides pleasant digital experiences in product interactions.

Besides, the VR and the AR technologies are in line with the integrated marketing communication (IMC). They don’t only increase product sales but also exhibit competitive benefits from one product or service from a company. Those are the reasons that marketing communication strategies via the VR technology must still put their target emphasis on some groups in the society that are familiar with latest technologies.

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Marketing Strategies for Facing the Industry 4.0

Fun digital experiences in knowing a product is open for optimalization for virtual reality enterprise because the VR and the AR technologies are the sole means for that. In addition, as a technology that was born during the Industry Revolution 4.0, VR and AR don’t take over the tasks of human beings in informing products. However, VR and AR will be viewed as the tools to help performing jobs in marketing communication, particularly in presenting product information and integrating some communication channels.

Meanwhile, some technical challenges persist that may obstruct effective processing of marketing communication. Based on the SWOT analysis, the AR technology is seen to have big potentials to support marketing communication in the future. The public hasn’t implemented the technologies because they still find it difficult to operate them, requiring technologies with certain specifications for operations. Another challenge lies on the limited competent resources in developing AR contents.

Despite so, massive VR and AR technology acceptances are possible. This is due to the fact that many digital companies keep developing the VR and the AR technologies. The number of companies investing on the technologies are also improving while in society, there is a growing number of people who get used to using technology. Those factors will turn the VR and the AR technologies as something common for every layer in the society in the future.

A comprehensive communication strategy planning is of course required prior to the uses of the VR and the AR in communication activities within one organization or a company. The implementations of the VR and the AR will result in various challenges related to the available technology and budget.

Virtual Reality Enterprise in Indonesia

Since the launches of the VR and the AR technologies in the world, various virtual reality enterprise along with their creation services have emerged in Indonesia. Interestingly, the companies are able to create services for business development and engage more customers thanks to digital technology addition.

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