Trick art is a paint art two dimension using virtual illusion so it looks real. Trick art categorized as an art that uses human visibility manipulation that often called illusion optical. Mixed with perspective color and detailed light technique creates amazing 3D effect made of paint series to an even object.

As years goes by, Trick Art is not only made in paint manual type of form, but its made by editor application which printed to a special material like a banner print material . Monster AR provide a service to make Trick Art such as digital paint.

What can an Trick Art do for you?

There are many benefit you could get for having this art, such as :

  • As a material to attract customer in a particular event.
  • To create a media to take pictures for customers.
  • Increase the level of customers impression towards your brand.
  • Increase your company’s reputation.

How does it work?

If your company often making an event to promote your products, imagine if you have this TrickArt, so customers will eventually visit your booth to take a picture to the TrickArt. In the other hand, your brand eventually remind to customers brain.

3D Trick Art

  1. 3D illusion.
  2. Custom size and design.
  3. Realistic Photo.
  4. Available for rent.

Nowdays, people in Indonesia already have an interest to Trick Art Fine Art. Some museum even have shown 3D Trick Art. So in that matter,Monster AR provide a service to make 3D Custome Trick Art special for your needed.

Wall Trick Art

Floor Trick Art

Frame Trick Art