Monster AR is also developing one product that we called Curved Display Projection, is an ultra wide display technology that shown to a bended media ( usually on the walls) which shot through some projector. Usually this technology is specifically made for particular room, such as Auditorium room and Audio visual room.

What can an Curved Display do for you?

There are many things we could offer for your client and customers, such as:

  1. Increase a company’s reputation as an updated technology provider.
  2. Giving wide size display as it invites a positive impresion for customers.

How does it work?

If you are a business owner who own an entertainment and multimedia company, this technology could definately be useful to invite customers to enjoy the amazing atmosphere with one of a kind display experience.

Curved Display Projection

  1. Ultra Wide Display.
  2. High Lumens Projector.
  3. The Combination of some projector.
  4. Professional wrapping and blending technique.
  5. Custom sizes and bending display level.

Do you have an idea, lately, the Curved Display Projection technology started to develop. As in the audio visual room which is equiped with updated sound system. More of that, with this technology we could make our own interactive movie theater and meeting room.

Curved Display

Ultra Wide Video

Panoramic Display