Blockchain keeps the information in blocks and uses cryptography to link them all. When a new data comes in, it is put into a new block. After the block is full, it is chained onto the previous block.Almost zero human involvements are required thus accuracy is very high. You don’t need to ask for bank verifications so that transaction fees are low. And your identity remains confidential.


Use our NFT builders to make your own unique and magnificent NFT art without coding.We provides Design and make your own NFT market via web or apps. Create and customize cryptocurrency based on your wishes. And make NFT items according to your preferences

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

AI will enhance the experiences on the Metaverse, such as human interface and infrastructure. AI will ensure the Metaverse can be enjoyed by all people, including those with disabilities. With the help of Machine Learning, you will get proper recommendations, from places to eat and go for holiday. Machine Learning will really benefit brands to predict consumer behaviours.</>


Allow virtual spaces to interact and access the real world seamlessly. Provide the necessary link between the exterior world and the digital space.With our AR tools, you will be able to optimize the uses of digital images via video or photographic displays. The experiences will be enhanced as we detail and expand images, texts, and animations. Our VR will display real-world environments and events and even allow you to interact with the objects in them all. Computer modelling and simulation will make it possible for experiencing the new era of Internet where you can shop, go places, or meet friends using avatars.

Internet of Things

Have low business cost and improve customer service with our IoT. Each and every thing in your IoT will have unique identifiers (IUDs) for ensuring the security.Transform the way you work in much efficient ways. While the IoT provides the data, the MR will allow you to improve and/or repair to any locations where work are done.

Internet and Clouds

Store and access your database over the internet securely and quickly.

Game Development

Create and design software framework for advanced video games with cool graphics and interactive uses.

Augmented Reality

Our range of the hi-tech headsets will take your imaginations going wild in your own Metaverse.

AR For Fun

Extra enjoyments await with added visionary world customized to your preferences.AR Drawing Help your users to upgrade their drawing skills using our AV Drawing. AR Live Show Bring stage concert experiences on your audiences’ homes using our AR Live Show get the magnificent audio, smooth visuals right on their gadgets. AR Photobooth boost your marketing strategies in offline events with AR Photobooth. The visitors can pose whatever they want with unique backgrounds. They can share the pictures to their social media accounts right away.

AR/VR for Marketing and Advertising

Leave long-lasting brand impressions and marketing campaigns on the users’ minds. Use AR/VR to make them part of your products/services.We Provides Integrate your print and video marketing. With our AR-enabled device, your users can scan certain images in the printed marketing materials then get information they need. Super fun, highly immersive and quick to make. AR Filter is the next-level of filter that will definitely produce a lot of impressions for your brands.

AR/VR App Development

We provide full services for developing AR/VR app with focuses on great user-friendly experiences, amazing designs and top 3D model qualities.

VR Simulator

Check out our software, hardware and necessary special effects in VR simulators to make your audiences are completely present in your entertainment contents.

Game Development

Create games that blend visually appealing designs, deep player experiences, strong performances, and smart levelling.Prepare computer hardware components necessary for various type of gaming to run quickly and powerfully. Present robust processor, extra graphics and optimal audio for extraordinary gaming activities across more diverse themes. Service Description: Build and modify the services according to your business needs. Share what you have in mind and let’s make them coming true.

Interactive Software

Set up software that allows the users to operate and manage seamlessly. Check out our interactive software types for fulfilling growing computer-human interactions at your company.Interactive wall/floor Set in large space, get ready to enjoy maximum surprises and make some for your audiences. Help your users to reach some destinations by clicking the directory on their own. Transform screen/glass as aesthetic, fun, and promotional displays to allow your customers view and tap your products/services.

Vending Machine

Minimize your operating cost and let your customers picking up products with our vending machinesServices: Food and beverages, Product recycle

Curved Display

Friendlier to the eyes and more complete view, curved display suits best for presenting visually appealing promotional contents.

Video Production

Highly aesthetic and creative storylines will boost the final quality of your video for corporate purposes or individual targets.We make various types of videos that will add values to your intended messages thus “speak more” to your viewers. Storyboard Consultation, Pre-Production Video Making, Talent Provision, Video Production, Video Editing, Voice Over, Subtitling

Custom Development

Service Description: Build and modify the services according to your business needs. Share what you have in mind and let’s make them coming true.See our range of services that will meet your commercial requirements

Drone 2D & 3D Mapping

Service Description: Get more information and data in a specific area that will help you mapping its potential businessOur 2D and 3D drone mapping will generate 2D/3D maps with high resolution and high precise topography elevation model. It’s low cost, low flying altitude and is available for rent.

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