With vending machine developed by Monster AR, you have the previllage with only just tapping the screen, you could have the easiest way to shop around!

What can an Vending Machine do for you?

There are so many things Vending Machine offers to your clients & customers, such as :

  1. Increase your sales traffic.
  2. Develop your company reputation as a solid provider.
  3. Giving the new experience to customers.

How does it work?

If you are a business owner, surely you want to get your sales traffic increased. And with this system it can be done as this particular vending machine is made by adding the newest technology which differs f rom other devices Vending Machine by Monster AR is equiped with touch screen and interactive user interface , so the customers could interact in an easiest way.

Vending Machine System

  1. Enable the company to record all the sales traffic automatically.
  2. Machine that integrated with company’s system.
  3. Available in every design and shape.
  4. Machine Custom.
  5. Available for rent.

With outdated Vending Machine , normally they have not integrated with company’s system . and with this Monster AR Vending Machine, we are giving the best solution to your maximum achievement with an interactive vending machine that are easy to use for your customers Other than that, by Custom Machine, you could make a particular concept that may different from others, and it could possibly suitable for your company.

Snack & Soda Vending Machine

CD & DVD Music Vending Machine

Custom Vending Machine