Besides technology content, MonsterAR also provide a service for a video production. Videos can be made into the following type of form :

  1. 2D and 3D Animation.
  2. Motion Graphics.
  3. Profile Video.
  4. Ads Video.
  5. Short Movie.
  6. Stop Motion.

What can Video do for you?

There are many benefit you could get by using the video, such as :

  • If you are a business owner, Profile Video must be really important for your company.
  • Deliver a clear information about your product to customers.
  • Increase your traffic sales.
  • Increase the level of customer impression towards your product or your company.
  • Increase the company’s reputation.

How does it work?

1. 2D & 3D Animation

MonsterAR provides 2D and 3D animation video making, where our company filled with professional team from the background of animation. Yet , Monster AR has the capability to make a special effect using CGI.

2. Video Profile

Profile video is the most important things on the company, where this video will explain about a company’s profile, so that the society notice of the important things about the company. For that, Monster AR also provide a company profile video making.

3. Ads Video

MonsterAR also provide a video Ads making, where it made for an advertising needs. To advertise a product to get a spesific target.

4. Short Movie

Short movie is catagorized into a film, but with a short duration. Monster AR gives a service to make a special short movie.

5. Stop Motion

One thing interesting, Monster AR is also provide a stop motion video making which usually made for teenager. This video made from many pictures frame arranged into a a video.

Video Production

  1. Completed with story board and storyline.
  2. Full High Definition Video.
  3. Great Video Concept.
  4. The type of video made for people easiest to understand.
  5. Interactive custom video.

To deliver every form of information in a video type of form is more easier for people to understand. So its really important for a business owner to own a particular videos about their company. MonsterAR could also combined several video model into one video composition which is ready to show.

2D Animation

Video Advertising

3D Animation

Video Profile

Motion Graphic

Short Movie