Corporate branding is more than mere slogan and colour. A corporate branding consultant faces a tough and enduring job to deliver a company’s value to the public that should run for the long run.

Part of a marketing strategy, corporate branding aims at creating a brand identity that’s unique among competitors in the same business field. With the brand personality, it will be easily recognised by the audiences.

What is corporate branding?

Corporate branding refers to a means from a marketer to promote overall business identities of a brand via all communication channels. The concept is materialized through product and service implementation that will leave lasting impressions on the consumers’ minds.

The works of corporate branding consultant are quite diverse. It promotes products and services, and applies the business name of a brand to guarantee the qualities of the products and the services for the consumers. The excellent applications of the strategies will result in uniqueness of the product or the service that will differentiate it from the rest.

What are the benefits of hiring corporate branding consultant?

A corporate branding consultant may represent a company that engages in consultancy and human resources sector. The biggest goal of their job is to form a certain and positive perspective on the minds of the existing and would-be consumers. To produce detailed strategies, a corporate branding consultant will assess and analyse many aspects, from business side to psychological one. The big works will benefit clients as follow:

  1. Bringing bigger profits
  2. Improving profits on marketing investments
  3. Increasing the value of shares
  4. Providing long-term plans for achieving marketing goals and product or service consistency values
  5. Giving values to a company in defining its personalities
  6. Easily targeting market segments that are most appropriate with the product targets.

What are the key aspects in corporate branding?

Brand activity is a series of communication activities from a company to shape and increase brand awareness. As the brand activity takes place, corporate branding consultant or internal marketing team is tasked to deliver information clearly, guarantee credibility, weave emotional connection with market targets, encourage consumers, and secure consumer loyalty.

Below are five key elements to create positive corporate branding with long-lasting implications:

1. Human Resources

Human resources within a company have to meet necessary standards to be able to provide the best services for consumers directly. This is upheld by companies in various business sectors under the umbrella of service provision.

2. Value and Priority

A company’s value comes in vision and mission. It serves as a special guideline that requires maintenance even when it hits the rock button. The value should align with its priority as the two become the main principles to determine business strategies.

3. Innovation

When jointly done with corporate branding activities, innovation will add credibility value of a business. Despite the difficulty, on-point innovation will maintain and even improve a business reputation.

4. Quality

A product promise requires commitment. As a producer, you’ll have to meet the promise of giving top quality product or service. If unmet, customer trust will decrease or even vanish.

5. Consumer centric

Create a well-planned communication strategy set with consumers although not all of them are your loyal ones. The method shows your appreciation and will add company’s positive image.

How should you apply a good corporate branding strategy?

Successful corporate branding activities can be seen from brand popularity and bigger profit. To attain the purposes, apply the below tips:

1. Give detailed information

One of the goals of corporate branding is netting consumers or partners as many as possible. Explaining your product in details will minimize possible misunderstanding in the public as well as opening chances to reap new consumers.

2. Determining the right strategies

Setting the accurate strategies will facilitate achieving targets because the company’s employees will gain more directions. In the eyes of audiences, the strategies will make your company appearing more professional and trustworthy.

3. Paying attention to brand look and character

Ask professionals, such as designers, to create impressive masterpiece. The logo and colour of the brand is the first thing that will land a certain image on the back of the public’ minds. The design has to be attractive so that it will surpass those of other brands.

4. Weaving good communication with consumers

A business can’t run well without a good communication with consumers. As such, you need to provide pleasant services in responding requests or complains by consumers via online media or direct call. To avoid that, observe your product or service first.

5. Maintaining customer trust

Many assume that business is all about selling as possibly many products. This leads to a few that use tricks to delude many consumers for the sake of maximum results. As a matter of fact, maintaining customer trust is one of the most crucial things in business build-up. Corporate branding activities are successful when they are able to retain customer trust.

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Corporate branding consultant with AR and VR

Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) are game changers in the Marketing 5.0 era as happening now. AR is one of the technologies to add customer experiences and customer satisfactions. The purposes have driven many big corporations to put this technology as part of their overall marketing strategies. AR becomes the trend in digital marketing and sales as it supports corporate branding activities.

AR refers to technology that combines digital contents by graphic computer and realities in real-time manner. The AR technology will facilitate users viewing 2D or 3D virtual objects projected to the real world. On the other hand, VR means technology to enable users interacting with 3D interactive environment simulated by computer technology. Thus, the users will feel as if they were in the real world while wearing special headset.

Uses of AR in corporate branding activities

AR helps corporate branding consultant, such as MonsterAR, conducting innovative brand activities for its clients. Thanks to the AR technology that the following benefits are possible:

1. Increasing customer experiences

This tops the list of AR technology. It will enable customers gain more information thus become faster to complete transactions. The technology can be used for various business sectors, such as cosmetics and automotive.

2. Creating virtual tours

Virtual tours provide excellent and immersive experiences for customers. Starbucks is among those who fully understand the impact. It once invited their buyers to go inside the store virtually by firstly scanning products they had purchased.

3. Improving brand status

AR technology works well for creating buzz marketing for your brand. Pepsi applied this technique by creating “a window” at a bus station via AR technology. The audiences thus viewed UFO and virtual robots flying inside the city through the window.

4. Boosting brand awareness

Marketing campaign via AR technology will significantly boost brand awareness. Given the innovative and unique marketing method, public will talk about it through mouth-to-mouth. The buzz vibe will be created and so will be the leads.

Those are the corporate branding consultancy explanations. Should you require one with AR/VR technology specialities, don’t hesitate to contact MonsterAR.

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