What comes across your mind when thinking about making business or invitation card? Do you only wish for giving information or really hope them attending certain events? AR invitation card is an innovation means that will shift the way you think about invitation card.

AR invitation card is such that utilizes augmented reality (AR) technology. By definition, AR is a technology that integrates two-dimensional virtual objects and or in forms of three-dimensional ones into a real environment then projects them in real-time manners.

Using AR technology for invitation card will trigger curiosity from its recipients about your service, event, and brand in general. Even if they can’t attend certain events, you can still use AR for producing fascinating impressions. As creative ideas, the following are samples of interactive AR for making your next invitation or business cards captivating.

1. AR Invitation Card with 3D Avatar

Beyond its simple look, this invitation card is super funny and personalized. Recipients will catch interactive and updated impressions from the 3D avatar. You can customize your order. This avatar will respond touches and position changes to take pictures.

2. AR Invitation with 3D and Video Content

This invitation type allows recipients to directly enjoy contents after scanning it. The card will come into life with texts and designs that fly all around the card while listening to cool songs.

3. AR Business Card with Hidden Content

Augmented Reality boost the function of business card in addition to its role as self identity. Such are the goals behind our business card project of PT. Tiara Buana Mandiri (TBM). The business card does not only contain writing, but also insert phone number into your smartphone automatically. In addition, the business card also connected to the website, email, social media, and the company address exist via Gmaps. All of those are just one click away from the smartphone.

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If you turn the business card around, the backside will display the TBM product catalogue, along with the active ingredient and the target pest. Augmented Reality is able to enliven business card and instill high tech impression, as the opportunity to bringing your branding to the next level.

4. Creative Invitation Card with AR

Once you open AR invitation card, the various contents will show up, making them all a world on their own. The contents are very entertaining and special compared to static invitation card.

Creating AR Invitation Card with MonsterAR

Having long experiences in AR and Virtual Reality (VR) worlds, MonsterAR will provide creative service and idea so as your invitation card will come into life better and more impressive. In addition to examples given to us, you can make once-in-a-lifetime moment, like wedding, as super special one.

AR-based wedding invitation will yield unforgettable impression. Besides wedding invitation, you can also make wedding album. Simply submit video content to be added in the invitation. We will provide narration to make your story closer and intimate to the recipients. Contact us for free consultation that applies to personal or corporation.

Product marketing is more powerful and effective through AR and VR technology

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