Hyper personalized market trends have spurred growing demands for innovative and immersive marketing strategies. Augmented reality companies are among being selected by brands to upgrade their product or service experiences.

In 2021, research firm Digi-Capital disclosed the prediction that Augmented Reality companies and Virtual Reality firms would obtain US$108 billion in revenue. The AR market share was predicted to hit $83 billion while the remaining $25 was for the VR.

The AR technology is widely used for various industries, such as gaming, e-commerce, business digitization, education, and hospitality. Today’s article is focusing on six service types that will improve customer experiences regardless industry types.

Six service types from augmented reality companies

1. AR Brochure

AR technology brings to life brochure, literally speaking. While static brochure remains widely used today, AR brochure takes it a few steps higher. The idea is making receivers not throwing it away once reading brochure. Instead, this simple innovation will entertain then encourage them knowing your company more.

Simply put, AR brochure allows it displaying various information. For example, you can scan an AR brochure then it will display the contact, the social media account, and the product of the company as the issuer of the brochure.

2. AR Interactive Game

This service type mostly fits for offline events or bazaars. As brand, you can utilize this to draw visitors coming to your stall. Game is such a timeless means to engage with visitors, from children to adult. They can immerse themselves with the game thanks to the 3D visuals in it. This brings gaming experience one step higher as compared to playing video game via gadgets.

3. AR Environment

AR environment is another service type from augmented reality companies that will invite your customers, potential and existing ones, into “worlds of your own”. What makes this service exceptional is that it provides audiences with diverse information presented in fun and unique ways. They can learn and enjoy the contents at the same time. AR environment augments certain fields depending on your business needs.

4. AR Photo Booth

Aside AR interactive game, AR photo booth is the top attraction for event goers. You can include your brand, fun emoji or sticker, or even favourite idols or public figures into the photo booth. Each of the event attendees can choose whichever they wish to have in their pictures.

Video source: INDE

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5. AR Presentation

Gone are the days when presentations are identical with PPT and documents. AR presentation is designed to deliver your ideas more effectively, and, at the same time, maintain the focus of your audience. The presentation type shows moving charts and visuals with you as the presenter. The general contents are up to customization. For an IT-based company, AR presentation will add your image as one that’s forward-looking.

Video source: Add Reality

6. AR magazine or newspaper

AR magazine or newspaper greatly helps for improving readers’ interests in literacy. For long-time readers, this will deepen their love for reading. While for ordinary readers, this AR innovation will spark more interests for reading. They will reshape their thought that reading is no longer a boring activity. For publishers or mass media brands, this will add value to their services because this shows they follow the trends. Their customers will find it much quicker to get the news or the information inside while at the same time, they will have new ways to read more.

Video source: Caleb Kruse

Popular AR-based application sample

IKEA, a luxurious furniture brand from Sweden, introduces AR IKEA Place to help would-be buyers making decisions. This is made possible through virtual matching between products in the store and their respective houses or rooms. The application enables would-be customers virtually placing the furniture inside or outside their houses or their rooms.

One interesting feature of this application is Virtual Try-On/VTO that encourages the potential customers and the existing ones to experiment with the store’s products. Moreover, the application can provide recommendations about the sizes of the products that will suit their rooms or their houses well. The application successfully brings the real experiences visiting the store right at the existing/the potential customers’ hands. All in all, this will boil down their decisions on whether or not purchasing the products.

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