Augmented Reality marker is one of the two methods to display digital content in user’s real environment. This marker-based AR technology is another alternative other than the marker-less AR technology.

Augmented Reality marker or marker-based AR marks the very first launching of the AR technology. As time develops, marker-less AR is more popular in use. Either way, the two methods facilitate unique users for meeting their respective needs.

Definition of Augmented Reality marker

The AR technology utilizes a marker (target picture) to display digital content in a user’s real environment. This marker determines where should an AR app place 3D digital content in a user’s visual field or through camera feedback.

Also known as recognition-based AR or image recognition, AR marker depends hugely on identification of markers/user-defined images to function. Once this works, the AR technology starts activating an augmentation.

First, the AR technology scans a marker that stimulates an augmented experience. The stimulation may come from an object, text, video or animation. Each of them will emerge on the device used by a user. To do so, that user must firstly install a certain application in their device. Upon completion, the user can simply activate the camera to scan one of the markers.

Uses of Augmented Reality marker

1. Creating “living” greeting cards

Gone are the days when greeting cards are static ones with flowery words and beautiful designs or pictures. With AR marker, you can turn the cards as “spoken ones”. They may come to live through visuals that deliver words to amuse the holders of the cards. Thank to the AR technology that card producers can “communicate” with the users via the card type. The user simply needs to scan the object in the card then it will greet and speak. This is best applied to welcome holiday seasons, like Happy New Year or Eid Al-Fitr. Also applicable on business card.

2. Explaining certain technical skill

For example, use Augmented Reality marker to explain how an effective lumber should be taken. This simply takes a picture containing a wood trimmer that once scanned, will “come to live” as a cool, animated wood trimmer. The animation figure will show how to cut trees in such a simple and understandable way.  Not only will the technique deliver the lesson easier but also it entertains the user while absorbing the lesson.

3. Making gear repairment tutorial

An Augmented Reality marker helps making a gear repairment tutorial. By scanning a certain damaged gear, the user will view step-by-step repairment process. The process takes in forms of loosened spart parts then replaced in their respective places one by one. The user can handle the tutorial by clicking given instructions as explained. With the visualization, the user will understand the whole repairment processing easier.

4. Providing special experiences for restaurant visitors

Usually, when visiting a restaurant, even a fancy one, the waitress will present before us a paper-based menu. Although it already contains the tempting visuals along with the prices, we may not really read them or enjoy the food or drink visuals.

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The AR marker will create exceptional experiences through AR-based menu. By scanning the picture of the food or drink, the visitors will view the reviews of the past guests. The pictures will also display the stars given to each of the menus alongside with the pictures from the past eaters.

Benefits of using Augmented Reality marker

1. Facilitating shared experiences among users

As taken from the restaurant example, users can influence one another. Although they can’t meet, the current eater will get certain reviews from the previous guest about certain menus they will choose. Doing so will help the current eater making the right decision that encompasses various aspects, from menu price to menu taste.

2. Making it easier to study

AR marker is such an important tool to facilitate study on specific skills, at least for basic level for laymen. Some of the examples are studying about how to mend broken tires or trim woods. The studying process will be much simpler to be understood and applied as “daily hacks”.

3. Serving as fun branding means

As inspired by the “talking greeting card”, using Augmented Reality marker will upgrade your brand image provided that it closely relates to dynamic and fresh values. It will greatly refresh old image and draws closer young generations to your brand. Make sure to create the branding concept that best carries your brand value.

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