Metaverse is set to provide more immersive experience across business lines. Virtual reality Bali plays a key role to support a Metaverse world taking users experiencing digital contents unlike previously seen before.

Metaverse will be inseparable from digital marketing and advertising fields. As the two sectors leading to sales, Metaverse makers should incorporate virtual reality Bali to create out-of-the-box promotion content.

Virtual Reality Bali and Metaverse Trend

Virtual reality Bali refers to the companies that offer virtual reality services in Bali and beyond. Virtual reality means a technology that allows its user to interact with computer’s generated environment. In a nutshell, the user will experience imaginative world that used to exist in their minds only.

Virtual reality technology fits so well with the Metaverse idea that was made popular by Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, in October 2021. In Indonesia, the followings are the trends within Metaverse realm expected to rise later.

1. “WebMe”

“WebMe” is a Metaverse trend that predicts Indonesia will move into a 3 dimensional environment. As it suggests, the user of the Metaverse in forms of an Avatar, will be able to move, like walking from one room to another one. Definitely, they will be able to taste the fun movement style because this doesn’t require them physically move around.

2. “Programmable World”

Moving around and interacting with other users via Avatars won’t be enough sometimes. The next trend will head to something deeper that will able to redefine things in the real world.

3. “The Unreal”

Metaverse technology via virtual reality Bali will make your impossibility becoming possible. All easiness and real sensation will emerge as virtual reality technology is able to break all boundaries standing in between reality and dream.

In the business world, Metaverse will be useful in customer authentication. With the help of artificial intelligence, a bank will find it easier to ensure customer identity.

4. “Computing the Impossible”

This trend leads to new machine stimulation for various business lines. By optimizing computer use, all business types will be able to expand their work scopes currently being performed.

All of the trends will form an ecosystem to stimulate new business opportunities meeting with individual or organization’s creativities. Companies under Virtual Reality Bali term will facilitate business transactions in the Metaverse world, such as land purchasing. For creators, Metaverse is as real as social media or existing Internet content platform. They can make use Non Fungible Token or NFT as the token of their digital assets.

New Business Opportunities by Virtual Reality Bali

1. New marketing technique

The Metaverse world will encourage ideas to market advertisements. These will be put on displays on games in Metaverse. Special characters should be created as mascots and your brand representatives. The characters will represent your brand and at the same time, become the players of the games.

2. Virtual office for rent

Imagine working on Metaverse with your face represented by an avatar. Metaverse allows for out-of-the-box working style with the “office workers” working hand in hand with their “fellow office mates” without actually seeing them in person. You can make use of this as an opportunity to provide virtual office for rent in Metaverse.

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3. Business meetings all around the world

In Metaverse, distance doesn’t seem exist. You can hold meetings with clients living on the other side of your current world easily. Transportation and accommodation expenses can be minimized thanks to the Metaverse innovation. Utilizing Metaverse brings virtual business tour like no other. It makes the meetings much more real and smoother.

How to Choose Virtual Reality Bali as Metaverse Firm in Indonesia

Despite its newness, Metaverse technology in Indonesia is predicted to grow faster as it meets targets from marketing or sales teams. Below are recommendations to work with the best firm for materializing your Metaverse world.

1. Wide experiences in Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

Companies engaging in the fields will provide more comprehensive services related to Metaverse making. Not only they will use the most advanced technologies but also, they will recommend incredible ideas. The contents will be much diverse and unique that’s adjusted with client’s specific business needs.

2. Helpful digital marketing strategy

Companies under Virtual Reality Bali term should also provide digital marketing strategies that will be as unique as the content itself. Including Metaverse world into overall digital marketing strategy will mean two things. First, the strategy can be applied into the one currently exists today, such as social media and Internet. Second, the strategy will refer to the Metaverse world, which means promoting contents in the Metaverse for generating sales in the realm.

3. Providing business consultancy

The rise of Metaverse gives birth to certain business realm that requires on-point business consultancy. A top company under Virtual Reality Bali needs to provide one that takes into account business strategies needed to spur the growth of business activities in the Metaverse world.

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