Monster AR also develop an interactive application that gives an amazing experience to the users. It contains some of the interactive application, such as:

  1. Interactive Floor / Wall
  2. Interactive Directory
  3. Interactive Screen

What can an Interactive Software do for you?

There are many things that we could offer to your client & customers, such as :

  1. Increase company’s reputation as interactive software provider.
  2. Increasing customers passion towards the newest technology on the market.
  3. Giving the amazing updated experience to the customers.
  4. Active on the big events to enrich the company’s brand.

How does it work?

1. Interactive floor / wall

Interactive Floor / wall is an interactive application shown from the inside floor / wall media and equiped with a sensor, so that user could have direct intercat with the application. This application could appear as an interactive game or interactive media. We use projector as a display which has shot to the floor / wall media and a camera as a motion detection.

2. Interactive dictionary

Have you ever been to a building with a wide space and many rooms? In this issue, the Interactive Dictionary will take an important part to show every room the building has. This application could also manage either briefly or detailed explanation absout every rooms.

3. Interactive screen/ Glass

This particular technology mostly shown on the box office movies, where users could have direct interact with the application that shown on the Screen media. The display from that application can be seen from two sides, front side and back side. With an interactive and futuristic design it will make the system have more of high-technology atmosphere.

Interactive Software Technology

  1. Interactive software made in a futuristic design atmosphere.
  2. Very responsive towards user interaction.
  3. Great Prestige.
  4. Custom software / technology.
  5. Available for rent.

Do you notice these days, an interactive Floor/ wall games is a trend on the big event, especially for kids, as for an interactive media to play. Besides, there are some museum in Indonesia that has been using this interactive Floor/ Wall application such as Museum BI and Museum BPK Interactive Screen / Glass is not less interesting, because this technology is adopted from an international box office as it made us amazed.

Interactive Floor

Interactive Wall

Interactive Glass