Virtual Reality Singapore has opened up some exciting business ideas that find the ground to flourish today thanks to the growing number of tech companies and millennials and Generation Z.

Virtual reality Singapore refers to providing the service for clients in Singapore and other countries. MonsterAR is among the companies that engages in the business field despite its current location in South Tangerang, Indonesia.

Virtual Reality technology has been successfully helping companies to create a buzzword, draw people’ attention, and provide more lasting product experience. Many brands make use of the innovation to improve their brand images and business stickiness.

Samples of Work from MonsterAR

With a wide range of experiences in the VR and Augmented Reality (AR) sectors, MonsterAR is your best partner to execute the new business ideas. Below are some of our previous projects:

1. VR Simulator for Djarum MLD

We created the simulator to lure visitors’ attentions thus coming to the Djarum MLD outlet during Gaikindo Indonesia International Auto Show 2018. The simulators allowed the users feeling the jet flying sensation wearing the headset without moving their feet. As you can see, the users hugely felt the excitement, making the experience leaving long-lasting impacts.

2. Supreme Audit Agency (BPK) Museum

We digitized the museum in 2017. We implemented Augmented Reality (AR) technology, smart table, interactive floor, curved display projection, interactive directory, mobile apps, and other technologies. The digitization program aims at attracting the public’ interests visiting the museum, especially amongst youngsters. The museum program hopes to rebrand museums as exciting and fun places to visit for the visitors.

3. VR Game during Indonesia Green Environment and Forestry Expo 2022

We presented an VR game during the government event to promote our brand and at the same time, create a buzzword among the event visitors. Despite the event theme, the VR game was able to entertain and introduce our brand to the audiences.

New Business Ideas with Virtual Reality Singapore

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1. Opening VR Rental Service

VR headset is quite expensive on average. One Oculus Rift unit is around IDR10 million while one HTC Vive is about IDR13 million. That excludes an advanced computer set to allow using the headset.

Given the expensive price, not many can afford enjoying the VR experience. And this serves as a bright commercial opportunity for your company. You can start setting up a VR rental service for target consumers, especially millennials and Generation Z.

2. Providing Theatre or Arcade Experience

The second business opportunity with virtual reality Singapore is offering cinema and virtual reality pop-up experiences. This option will require big investment for finding the place and buying the equipment. Once discovering the one, the business is set to operate. People will use VR headsets then enjoy 360-degree videos in your cinema.

Another experience relates to the virtual reality photo gallery with 30-degree pictures from top photographers. Or, you can provide a special studio that allows the visitors to taste Oculus Rift or HTC Vive.

3. Selling VR Cardboard Headsets

Google cardboard is among the most popular VR headsets because of the low price as compared to other headsets. This headset is actually less comfortable to those at higher prices. However, you can still make use of this as a good business opportunity. You can offer the cardboard headsets at low prices to those with relatively low budgets. They can still enjoy VR contents without spending too much money. To obtain the cardboard headsets, you can purchase the headsets in a large scale then sell them one piece per piece via Amazon or offline.

4. Building an VR Community

Set up and organize local meetings, conferences, exhibitions, and other social events that relate to VR technology. As the number of the VR enthusiasts growing up, you can sell the community access to advertisers and VR producers. This option, however, shouldn’t reduce the core reason of gathering them in one place as the best site to connect one another under one theme: the love of VR.

5. Offering VR Content

Regardless the gadget type, content is the king and will remain so. Creating VR content requires high creativity and imagination. With hardworking and learning, you can make ones that are unique and sophisticated. As a starter, you can create a professional YouTube channel or blog that’s dedicated for reviewing latest technology. Another content ideas are conferences about game or VR and movie that utilizes VR technology. Throughout the time, you can obtain viewership and even monetize it. VR brands and producers will start viewing you as an VR influencer or tech specialist.

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